Tuesday, February 24, 2015

The Plot Sickens: Free-Write & Reflection

Free Write:

It was Christmas Eve. Fog stuck to the tarmac at Lindbergh field. All the passengers were finally situated and comfortable. The plane started moving forward through the eerie lane, and it was seconds before takeoff. Soon the aircraft would be leaving San Diego and arrive at Logan Airport. In a few hours, I’d be home. I was incredibly stressed with school; college is quite different from high school. All I wanted was to be home with my family. The plane continued to move, until suddenly it didn't. Followed by an awakening jolt, the plane stopped. Initially, no one thought anything of it. We all sat tediously, still expecting to be in the air in no time. However minutes passed. First two, then ten, and eventually fifteen. By twenty minutes, the plane was gridlock. My soon-to-be companions were rioting, wondering why we weren't moving. However, it was Christmas Eve, and as much as I wanted to join them, I was trapped in the holiday-spirit, unable to yell at anyone. I sat listening to the conversations of the diverse people surrounding me.

“Why aren’t we moving?” screeched William, who hadn't met me yet.

“This is ridiculous!” said his son Peter.

“Let me speak to the pilot! What’s going on?” I heard Julie say from a distance.

“Please, stay seated mam, we assure you we will be ready for takeoff soon.” The attendant replied, which we later learned was a lie. As time passed the plane still did not move; people were frantic.

“It’s Christmas Eve! What’s taking so long?” said Emily in the seat behind me.

I eventually decided to join in. “Yeah, can they take any longer?” 

            Referring to the author’s claim about young writers in “The Plot Sickens”, my free write piece evidently deviates. Initially, the prompt has an element of mystery. In my writing, the plane mysteriously stops before take-off, leaving the reader curious as to what happened. However there is no violence that includes characters being “burned alive, dropped from the sky” or even “being blow up on their way to baggage claim…” that the author mentioned her students included. In my prompt, eventually the reader indirectly learns that the plane never takes off. In fact, the main character becomes acquaintances with other passengers on the plane that evening. Consequently, the reader never discovers why the plane stopped, how the passengers meet, or even if the plane takes off, leaving an element of mystery. Although the story does not include violence, it is up to the reader to fill in the missing pieces, and decide if character’s will get their happy ending.

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