Thursday, June 18, 2015

One Act Play

Samantha and Mitchell are neighbors. They have had a bad history as neighbors, and today they will experience a unique encounter. Samantha is stepping out of the car as Mitchell is leaving his house.

Samantha:[Splat] (In a angry, firm tone) MR. MITCHELL HASTINGS! (takes a deep breath) This is the last time I will ask. Please pick up after your unsanitary canine!

Mitch: Miss Adams, my, uh "unsanitary canine" is not my problem. After all it is his duty. Psh! Ta! Ha!

Samantha: Well, Mr. Hastings, it is your responsibility to maintain his hygiene.  And I'll just say that the specimen on my Achilles is not properly disposed of,... nor maintained.

Mitch: Well... Miss Adams. If this is an issue I'll uh buy ya some new shoes or somethi-

Samantha: "If"? "If this is an issue"? I can assure you that this is not an issue.

Mitch: Alright well-

Samantha: This is a TRAGEDY! A tragedy I tell you!

Mitch: Alright, okay, just write down the shows ya want and I'll ah-

Samantha: No I assure you, I don't wish for new footwear. What I ask is that this massacre you call an "issue", doesn't proceed again!

Mitch: Hey, no need to get all she-devil on me.

Samantha: Uh! and don't even get me started on your horrendous vocabulary! Has it ever occurred to you that perhaps that is why you're still living in your mother below level? Hm?

Mitch: Has it ever occurred to you that you're rude? Huh? Perhaps that's why you're still divorced!

Samantha: OH! How insulting! I am truly appalled Mr. Hastings!

Mitch: You're embarrassed? How do you think I feel?

Samantha: Embarrassed? That's not-

Mitch: Yeah! You and your mean ways...

Samantha: If you'd only clean up after you dog!

(As they continue to argue the car radio Goes on in the background)

Broadcaster: And lastly, a dog has gone missing on the North side. (Continues speaking) For any information please call...

Samantha: And you know what?

Mitch: What!?

Samantha: I hope your animal goes missing!

Mitch: Oh yeah?

Samantha: Yes indeed!

Mitch: And I hope your shoes go missing!

Samantha: Good!

Mitch: Good!

(They each get in their car and exit the drive way. Both angered,they back into each other. they exit their cars and continue fighting).

Mitch: LOOK WHAT YOU DID. Oh my goodness!

Samantha: This is your fault!

Mitch: No!

Samantha: Yes!

(Radio continues in back)

Broadcaster: Breaking news an armed robber has just broken into the bank on 34th. I am being told now that there is hostages.

(Broadcaster continues to explain the extremity of the situation)

Mitch: Just move on. Just forget this.

Samantha: I'll put the police on the phone. They'll take care of this mess.

Mitch: Weren't you listening to the reporter? No cops can help!

Samantha: If you were more careful...

Mitch: Miss Adams! This arguing is useless don't you see? Stop passing the blame. We need to move on.

Samantha: Yes but-

Mitch: Yes but, this fighting is too much! The cops are doing their job, which doesn't include us!

Samantha: Their job is to help civilians which we-

Mitch: Their job is to help civilians. People at the bank.

(A moment of silence is shared before they come to a consensus)

Samantha: Well.

Mitch: Well.

Samantha: First, I suppose we should apologize.

Mitch: Sorry. My bad.

Samantha: I apologize.

Mitch: Now what do we do.

Samantha: Let's see here.

[The End]

Thursday, June 11, 2015

From the Flame- Picture Passage 6

Emitting from the flame was fear. At that moment, it was the most peaceful place she could be. However, Ava was still aggravated. She was frustrated with her situation. The  sadness bottled up inside her was too much for her to handle. She sat near the fire surrounded by family and loved ones. It was her brother's birthday, but Ava was too upset to enjoy herself.
"Want a marshmallow?" asked her mother.
She shook her head no. Anger and regret was what bothered her the most. It filled her bones and swam her veins. What bothered her when more was that she could not pin point her anger. The stress of a high schooler bothered her enough. Now that she was moving, that problem would fade. But to be mad at her parents or herself or fate, she couldn't decide.
By deciding to keep quiet, Ava began a complicated journey that would later unfold in her new surroundings. A new year, a new town, and a new Ava.


The Lake- Picture Passage #5

Heat shined around the giant, aging mountain. It beat down over like a spotlight in a Broadway show. It was well defined and carried plenty of nutrition to the leafy floor. Standing on the shore, all that filled my thoughts was amazement. “Wow” is the only word I could produce that could begin to describe my thoughts. Dampness in the air suggested the day would be hot. To counter the humidity, the lake made a relaxing wind. I wanted to jump in. I wanted to stand at the peak. Birds perched in the tree that bordered the water. They sang a unique melody. One that always varied. As the earth continued to breathe, I imagined how refreshing the water would feel. I came to the realization that nothing was stopping me. I grabbed equipment and went through the water. On the other side, the floating land greeted me. Gazing up at the mountain, I started walking. The hike was long, yet enjoyable. The summit was definitely worth it. All around the island you could see the tiny cottages. From this height, they looked like dwarfs occupied them. This location altered my perspective. I was able to admire the creations as a whole. Beautiful, and unstoppable.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

7:06 - Picture Passage #4

      Frustrated by frost that glimmered in the morning haze, Mark was in panic. He was taken by surprise to awake with his car to be claimed by the winter. It was completely unexpected, especially for this time of year. His routine was unexpectedly interrupted by the earth’s freezing.  Evidence of ice from the previous night covered her surface.
                Mark looked at his wrist. It was 7:02. He was two minutes off his daily schedule which consisted of preparing himself for work and never included tardiness. The calm back roads he traveled through, always allowed Mark to arrive to his destinations when he needed to.  Unprepared, Mark had to wait an extra minute and a half for his vehicle to wake up.  He was so distraught by his predicament, that his left pinky began twitching. He was almost unable to turn the engine key.
                Bordering the line of panic attack, he got into his car. It was still filled with coolness that resembled the breath of an Artic breeze.
                When it was precisely 7:06, when he was finally able to start his day’s journey. Left onto Main, then a sharp right onto Dean.  He approached the intersection which sat below the dangling red blinking.  Beyond the light there was a car parked with the driver’s door open.  As he passed it, he noticed it wasn’t parked. The car had slipped and plummeted and its driver lay asleep. He cautiously drove around and pulled over.  Immediately, Mark’s panic transformed him into a maniac. He dialed 911, and temporarily joined the driver in a slumber.

Good and Bad- Picture Passage #3

Good and bad. Dark and light.  Dreams and nightmares. The division is clear. When you experience these things you create a profile for yourself. Are you good or bad? Dark or light? Is this a dream or a nightmare? What is good if bad is not good? Ask yourself which are you, but whatever you answer, know that you are wrong. We are good and bad. We are dark and light. Nightmares thrive through our dreams. There is darkness in each of us. It roams our mind waiting to feast on our insecurities, and praying to be revealed. Born, we are given the dark, the light, and a choice. An option of which we choose to be judged as, even though there is no true definition. We can choose to be admired and prideful, or allow the shadows to take over. For some, there lies a medium. Where you can be a “good bad” or a “bad good”. Where there is no temptation or fear; no right or wrong.  In the end, it is up to us. If you ask me, I suppose it just varies on perspective. I could be evil. It just depends on how you define “good”.

Monday, June 8, 2015

Her Words- Picture Passage #2

 Her soft words hypnotized me with every word she spoke.  Each sentence she composed flowed swiftly together like the wind’s breeze.  I never questioned her actions- a deep regret I bare. 

They say opposites attract. I am shy and afraid. She was what I needed.

“…just through here.”

“Into the woods?...We’re going-”she cut me off.

“It’s not what you think, Will. You haven’t been there before.” After collecting her thoughts, she continued. “It’s empty and isolated. When you’re out there… I can’t explain it. You’ll see."

We continued walking. Beautiful greens surrounded the floor in the distance. Soon the forest was divided, creating a hallway of trees. They stood parallel with strength and pride like soldiers saluting a lost soul. She turned around to catch my reaction.


She paced ahead taking in the abstract scenery.

“It looks like something you’d see in the movies.”

“Yeah it does.. but that’s not what I wanted to show you.”

The end of the tunnel lead to a new path. It was distinct, but not guarded by trees. It wrapped round a giant, aging oak tree which went up a small hill. A few steps ahead, she stood at the peak. Over the hill was a brook.  It emptied into a flow of dark rocks and rushing water.

“It’s just over there.” She pointed past the stream to a clearing, bordered by devastation and wounded warriors. Sunlight beamed into the clearing, making the earth’s breath visible.

Two loose pieces of wood lay over the brook to travel.

“Ladies first.” I gestured.

With arms out to balance, she floated across and I followed. I watched as her foot penetrated the old wood, leaving a hole.


“I know.”

She stepped back onto the dirt at the other end.

“Here.” She held out her hand expecting me to graciously take it. However, the bridge became tired of laying. Struggling, I tried to grab her, but failed. She risked her existence, to help me, which is all I can ask. She shouted for assistance, but all that could hear were the trees. Her capabilities were not enough, and it was too late. I can still hear her voice. Her voice which never ceased to impress me with her words. 

Friday, June 5, 2015

The Yellow- Picture Passage #1

The nothingness of the forbidden thicket was what intrigued me most. I followed the distinct path which opened up into a large labyrinth of tall leafy giants and small green shrubs. Dead golden straw covered the wood floor that sat beyond the path. I touched it. I was amazed by its texture. Astonishment filled me as I wondered how something so beautiful could possibly be so infectious. Returning to the trail, it occurred to me that I walked further than I had expected. I wandered around looking for a signal. A clue. Something to aid my loss of direction. Suddenly, the sound of twigs snapping began to follow  me. This growing sound of fear chased me. I heard something panting. It carried a sense of exhaustion and was breathing uncontrollably.  I was running in circles. If I did not start running faster, it would catch me. The yellow nothing of the forest became vivid. So vivid that it made its surroundings appear as nonexistent. The yellow nothing of the forest became terrifying. All of my fears appeared in that moment. I still struggled to comprehend what was happening. It wasn’t until I awoke in the open greens that I had understood what occurred. Death had not completely consumed the plant. Yet death had almost consumed me.