Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Good and Bad- Picture Passage #3

Good and bad. Dark and light.  Dreams and nightmares. The division is clear. When you experience these things you create a profile for yourself. Are you good or bad? Dark or light? Is this a dream or a nightmare? What is good if bad is not good? Ask yourself which are you, but whatever you answer, know that you are wrong. We are good and bad. We are dark and light. Nightmares thrive through our dreams. There is darkness in each of us. It roams our mind waiting to feast on our insecurities, and praying to be revealed. Born, we are given the dark, the light, and a choice. An option of which we choose to be judged as, even though there is no true definition. We can choose to be admired and prideful, or allow the shadows to take over. For some, there lies a medium. Where you can be a “good bad” or a “bad good”. Where there is no temptation or fear; no right or wrong.  In the end, it is up to us. If you ask me, I suppose it just varies on perspective. I could be evil. It just depends on how you define “good”.

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