Monday, June 8, 2015

Her Words- Picture Passage #2

 Her soft words hypnotized me with every word she spoke.  Each sentence she composed flowed swiftly together like the wind’s breeze.  I never questioned her actions- a deep regret I bare. 

They say opposites attract. I am shy and afraid. She was what I needed.

“…just through here.”

“Into the woods?...We’re going-”she cut me off.

“It’s not what you think, Will. You haven’t been there before.” After collecting her thoughts, she continued. “It’s empty and isolated. When you’re out there… I can’t explain it. You’ll see."

We continued walking. Beautiful greens surrounded the floor in the distance. Soon the forest was divided, creating a hallway of trees. They stood parallel with strength and pride like soldiers saluting a lost soul. She turned around to catch my reaction.


She paced ahead taking in the abstract scenery.

“It looks like something you’d see in the movies.”

“Yeah it does.. but that’s not what I wanted to show you.”

The end of the tunnel lead to a new path. It was distinct, but not guarded by trees. It wrapped round a giant, aging oak tree which went up a small hill. A few steps ahead, she stood at the peak. Over the hill was a brook.  It emptied into a flow of dark rocks and rushing water.

“It’s just over there.” She pointed past the stream to a clearing, bordered by devastation and wounded warriors. Sunlight beamed into the clearing, making the earth’s breath visible.

Two loose pieces of wood lay over the brook to travel.

“Ladies first.” I gestured.

With arms out to balance, she floated across and I followed. I watched as her foot penetrated the old wood, leaving a hole.


“I know.”

She stepped back onto the dirt at the other end.

“Here.” She held out her hand expecting me to graciously take it. However, the bridge became tired of laying. Struggling, I tried to grab her, but failed. She risked her existence, to help me, which is all I can ask. She shouted for assistance, but all that could hear were the trees. Her capabilities were not enough, and it was too late. I can still hear her voice. Her voice which never ceased to impress me with her words. 

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