Wednesday, June 10, 2015

7:06 - Picture Passage #4

      Frustrated by frost that glimmered in the morning haze, Mark was in panic. He was taken by surprise to awake with his car to be claimed by the winter. It was completely unexpected, especially for this time of year. His routine was unexpectedly interrupted by the earth’s freezing.  Evidence of ice from the previous night covered her surface.
                Mark looked at his wrist. It was 7:02. He was two minutes off his daily schedule which consisted of preparing himself for work and never included tardiness. The calm back roads he traveled through, always allowed Mark to arrive to his destinations when he needed to.  Unprepared, Mark had to wait an extra minute and a half for his vehicle to wake up.  He was so distraught by his predicament, that his left pinky began twitching. He was almost unable to turn the engine key.
                Bordering the line of panic attack, he got into his car. It was still filled with coolness that resembled the breath of an Artic breeze.
                When it was precisely 7:06, when he was finally able to start his day’s journey. Left onto Main, then a sharp right onto Dean.  He approached the intersection which sat below the dangling red blinking.  Beyond the light there was a car parked with the driver’s door open.  As he passed it, he noticed it wasn’t parked. The car had slipped and plummeted and its driver lay asleep. He cautiously drove around and pulled over.  Immediately, Mark’s panic transformed him into a maniac. He dialed 911, and temporarily joined the driver in a slumber.

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