Thursday, June 11, 2015

The Lake- Picture Passage #5

Heat shined around the giant, aging mountain. It beat down over like a spotlight in a Broadway show. It was well defined and carried plenty of nutrition to the leafy floor. Standing on the shore, all that filled my thoughts was amazement. “Wow” is the only word I could produce that could begin to describe my thoughts. Dampness in the air suggested the day would be hot. To counter the humidity, the lake made a relaxing wind. I wanted to jump in. I wanted to stand at the peak. Birds perched in the tree that bordered the water. They sang a unique melody. One that always varied. As the earth continued to breathe, I imagined how refreshing the water would feel. I came to the realization that nothing was stopping me. I grabbed equipment and went through the water. On the other side, the floating land greeted me. Gazing up at the mountain, I started walking. The hike was long, yet enjoyable. The summit was definitely worth it. All around the island you could see the tiny cottages. From this height, they looked like dwarfs occupied them. This location altered my perspective. I was able to admire the creations as a whole. Beautiful, and unstoppable.

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