Friday, June 5, 2015

The Yellow- Picture Passage #1

The nothingness of the forbidden thicket was what intrigued me most. I followed the distinct path which opened up into a large labyrinth of tall leafy giants and small green shrubs. Dead golden straw covered the wood floor that sat beyond the path. I touched it. I was amazed by its texture. Astonishment filled me as I wondered how something so beautiful could possibly be so infectious. Returning to the trail, it occurred to me that I walked further than I had expected. I wandered around looking for a signal. A clue. Something to aid my loss of direction. Suddenly, the sound of twigs snapping began to follow  me. This growing sound of fear chased me. I heard something panting. It carried a sense of exhaustion and was breathing uncontrollably.  I was running in circles. If I did not start running faster, it would catch me. The yellow nothing of the forest became vivid. So vivid that it made its surroundings appear as nonexistent. The yellow nothing of the forest became terrifying. All of my fears appeared in that moment. I still struggled to comprehend what was happening. It wasn’t until I awoke in the open greens that I had understood what occurred. Death had not completely consumed the plant. Yet death had almost consumed me. 

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