Thursday, June 11, 2015

From the Flame- Picture Passage 6

Emitting from the flame was fear. At that moment, it was the most peaceful place she could be. However, Ava was still aggravated. She was frustrated with her situation. The  sadness bottled up inside her was too much for her to handle. She sat near the fire surrounded by family and loved ones. It was her brother's birthday, but Ava was too upset to enjoy herself.
"Want a marshmallow?" asked her mother.
She shook her head no. Anger and regret was what bothered her the most. It filled her bones and swam her veins. What bothered her when more was that she could not pin point her anger. The stress of a high schooler bothered her enough. Now that she was moving, that problem would fade. But to be mad at her parents or herself or fate, she couldn't decide.
By deciding to keep quiet, Ava began a complicated journey that would later unfold in her new surroundings. A new year, a new town, and a new Ava.


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