Monday, April 6, 2015

Contrasting Tones

Positive: Due to the many birthdays, and graduations that occurred this spring, my enormous family decided to order a delicious, silky, oversized vanilla cake for Easter weekend.  Included with the divine dessert, were tons of tiny Italian pastries that were simply to die for. Frosting and buttercream and cheese and chocolate. All the options were endless. The scents of sweetness and sugar taunted me the whole day. When it was finally dessert time, everyone gathered around the small dining room table to sing. The whole family watched drooling as the first piece was sliced. The three-layer cake hit the plate. "OHHH!", we all shouted in perfect unison, followed by an argument for the first slice.

Negative:  Due to many birthdays, and graduations that occurred this spring, my enormous family decided to order a greasy, unnecessary , oversized vanilla cake for Easter weekend. The huge cake was evidently filled with butter. My mother kept explaining to us how healthy it was because there was no chemicals. "It's real butter! Got it from this bakery!" However in my opinion, whether it be chemicals or butter, the cake was still disgustingly unhealthy. There was no way anyone could convince me to eat that death treat.


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