Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Songwriter's Tone

Through both Pink Floyd’s “Have a Cigar” and Boston’s “Rock n’ Roll Band”, both artists express the same tone.  Pink Floyd carefully manipulates the song lyrics to express that no matter how hard life is, it gets better. Similarly, Boston manipulates the lyrics to convey that success requires hard work and dedication.

Have a Cigar
Speaker/Point of View: Pink Floyd (first person)/ an experienced singer/songwriter who overcame struggles to succeed.
Audience: People facing similar life struggles.
Purpose: Provide hope for others that their situation will improve.
Subject: How no matter how difficult life is, it will get better.
Tone (Speaker): Paired with the melody, the singer’s tone is solemn.
Tone (Songwriter): Hopeful for the listener.

Rock n’ Roll Band
Speaker/Point of View: Boston (first person)/ a band finally getting recognition.
Audience: People in their situation who struggle to be heard.
Purpose: Express the struggles that the writer overcame to reach success.
Subject: How Boston was not always famous and had to work hard to have their music heard.
Tone (Speaker): Playful when being sung.
Tone (Songwriter): Serious in telling his story.

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