Thursday, March 26, 2015

200 Word Sentence

When I first took a bite of what came to be the best, most incredibly delicious, insanely divine dessert of all time, I remember being completely incredulous to my mom, brother, and two cousins who would not stop telling me to try the chocolate treat that they knew I would fall instantly in love with which evidently is what caused them to all blow a gasket in the tiny, hole-in-the-wall chocolate candy parlor that could barely fit the five of us as is, never mind fit us all while they were up and about ranting, attempting to explain to me that one small bite of heaven would not in any way affect or somehow alter my temporary diet or my athletic performance for that weekend’s competition which somehow transformed into a tourist vacation, causing them to yell louder and louder at me until I tasted it and allowed them show me what I was missing out on which I later learned was many flavorful flavors of silky dark chocolate that seemed sort of minty and also featured crumbled Oreo's and warm milk and white chocolate drizzled sauce that in tasting caused my family to, what I would describe as a sign of relief that I had been put out of my misery of missing out on all of the unimaginable sweet sugars that danced on my tongue that life changing Sunday afternoon.

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