Thursday, May 28, 2015

Burst Writing Prompt

Kaylin, Louis, Tristan, Elise, & Mr. Kefor

Prompt: With different colors, start by writing one sentence. Pass it to the person to your right. That person adds a sentence and the pattern continues until a story is written.


Yesterday morning I was sitting eating my pancakes, when my mother suddenly fainted. My first instinct was to call 911, and that’s what I tried to do, but I forgot how to use a phone. I fell to the ground, and lost control of all my limbs; I realized I was having the same problem. I lay there on my side, wondering how something that started so well, could have gone so wrong this quickly. Confused and incredulous, I continued to eat my pancakes. Pancakes are my favorite food after all. I just decided to let my mom lie there, as the pancaked were too yummy! Processing that I could not move at all, however could still eat my pancakes blew my mind; this was astonishing! When my dad entered and saw me on the floor with my pancakes, he smiled.  Then he called 911, but started laughing at the dispatcher because he was shocked at what he saw. My dad then fell to the ground, and lost control of his limbs too. Our family apparently has some sort of degenerative disease because my brother walked in next, and the same fate hit him. Still eating my pancakes, I started to wonder which one of my relatives could be responsible for my outrageous morning. Then, in a sudden burst of unprompted madness, I plucked the family cat from the couch, clutched her close as I melted a stick of butter, and plopped her in the same pan.

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